week 19, back to the grind

little girl holding mitten artThere were quite a few highs and lows as we got back to our formal lessons this week after our extended winter break.  There were tears and fits of anger, but there were also smiles and laughter.
boy holding up mitten artWe started a new read-aloud, “Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze,” by Elizabeth Foreman Lewis.  The boys are already hooked on the story as there is some suspense and adventure along with new cultural norms to learn.
older boy holding mitten artCourben is wrapping up his last few Gamma Math U See lessons.  He’ll be starting Delta (division) within the next month or two.  Judah is working on rounding, adding, and standard notation of large numbers.
mama's mitten artThe smiles mostly came from our art, freewrite, and poetry day.  The theme was winter!  We made lists with as many wintery words as we could muster, read snowy, slippery poems, and made these mitten snowflake projects.  Grace is wanting to get more and more into what we’re doing; every day, she asks if we’re doing “coffee-work” (copywork).


One thought on “week 19, back to the grind

  1. Beautiful mittens, young kinfolk!  Where’s mine?  It was so-o-o–o good to have you here because you are all some of my favorite people!  Lovingly, GrGr/GrGr

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