a full week

three kids working on computersOur first week of rest was quite full.  After last year’s winter rest, I made the decision to put a few more things on our calendar so we weren’t spinning our wheels at home everyday.  So, Monday, the boys did a Microsoft Coding Camp.  Gracie even got to stay and watch (and drink juice!).
boy decorating cake with sprinklesThe Tuesdays this month, I get to go teach some Music Together Jams and the kiddos get to hang out with Lauren.  They surprised me with a cake and got straight to decorating when they got home.
husband and wife making fudgeNate and I also tried our hand at fudge-making on Wednesday.  I think each year, we do a little better.  We made two batches, and I’m thinking when we make a third, we will have worked out all our kinks.
three kids taking corn off cobsWednesday was Wild+Free at Slate Run Historical Farm.  We’ve been there a few times, and every time is enjoyable.  This time, they got to feed pumpkins and apples to the pigs, grind cord, pump water, and pet the horses.

We had a co-op Christmas party this morning, filled with good food, conversations, and play.  We’re looking forward to Courben’s first orchestra concert, manger building, and the Awaited Show this weekend.  Whew!  Next week is a bit slower, which will be needed after this jam-packed week.

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