another year, another thanksgiving tour

room full of kids watching charlie brownWell, our Charlie Brown Friendsgiving went off without a hitch!  26 kiddos and their mamas gathered in our house for the movie and traditional Charlie Brown Thanksgiving feast of jelly beans, buttered toast, pretzel sticks, and popcorn.  The kids had a blast!
two little girls listening to grandpa read a storyAfter that, four out of five of us came down with fevers that kept us laying low all day Wednesday.  By Thursday, we all felt well enough to travel.  So, we headed to Prairie Camp to visit with the whole Gibson crew.  What a nice treat since we haven’t been with all of them in years!
married couple making silly facesAfter that, we headed to Fremont for time with my side of the family.  We had lots of cousin time, game-playing, and even hunted for a Christmas tree before heading back to our place on Saturday.  Thanksgiving is always a bit of a whirlwind, but a good whirlwind!  Hope your turkey day was filled with good food and good company.


One thought on “another year, another thanksgiving tour

  1. That photo  of your dad (our first-born!) with his granddaughters is worth a million to me.  He wouldn’t cuddle much (to my consternation), but heloved my reading to him.  Thinking of you all often, and always with love, Gr/Gr

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