week 12

boy weaving spider web with string and sticksWe’re done with another week of lessons here.  Normally after another six weeks, we’d be ready for a rest week, but we’re going another two so we can line up with our family vacation!

boy holding up finished weaved spider web made of string and sticksWe continued reading “Abigail Adams,” which has been quite fascinating because of all the letters and correspondence quoted between her and president husband, John Adams.  The boys sorted through all their research for their animal writing projects and weeded out what they don’t want to include.  Next week, we’ll start putting it all together.

mom holding up finished weaved spider web made of string and sticksMath has been going well with Courben continuing to work on double digit multiplication and Judah working on triple digit addition.  Courben just finished learning where all the letters are on the keyboard and is now working on speed for typing.  I’m hoping this will help eliminate some of the tediousness from writing for him.

silly faced kiddos in front of window with weaved webs hangingAnd as you can see, we did an impromptu nature art project since it was so beautiful today!  We made spider webs with sticks and string.  Of course, what better place to display them than in our big front window before the traditional snowflakes take over in a couple months.

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