a-biking we will go

two boys on a bike sculptureWe took our Nature Study on the road today since we haven’t taken a long bike ride in ages.  As we rode, we were also on the lookout for fun finds for our Nature Pals in Texas.  We heard about the Nature Pal Exchange from some of our Wild + Free friends and were super excited when we realized the Fall Exchange was just around the corner.

nature journal with cosmos flower and lambs ear glued onSo, we collected a few variety of cosmos flowers and some lambs ear along our journey.  So far, we have that, plus a dead cicada, a cicada exoskeleton, birch bark, red maple seeds, and buckeyes collected.  We can hardly wait to mail out our package.  We’ll post a picture once we’re ready to send!

nature journal with bluejay, groundhog, and caterpillar drawnThe boys also did some journaling when we got home.  As you can see, we also noticed some critters during our adventure.  The groundhog was not even phased by our presence!


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