week 5

the dragons are singing tonight poetry bookWe’ve had a nice week of lessons here.  The boys continue to work on piano and are adding chords in the left hand to most of the songs they have learned over the last year.  We also finished all our “Sarah, Plain and Tall” work, to include discussion, copywork, dictation, and writing.  Judah wasn’t feeling great yesterday, so we finished a book on George Washington while he rested on the couch.

i want a dragon egg drawing and story by six year oldThe highlight of the week was today.  We did our poetry tea time with a couple of Jack Prelutsky’s books.  The boys especially enjoyed the book filled with dragon poems as they’ve been into building Lego dragons lately.  After several dragony rhymes, Judah announced, “I want a dragon egg!”  What better way to get into a freewrite than by using a prompt from one of your kiddos?

i want a dragon egg writing by 8 year oldAll of us wrote for ten minutes today!  The boys were both happy with what they came up with and ended up sharing their work.  We’ve done freewrites following poetry a couple times now and it seems to be a great pairing for the boys.  Another week in the books!

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