week 2

poetry tea time, poetry books, mugs, and kidsOne of the aspects of our new Brave Writer lifestyle is enjoying a poetry tea time weekly.  We tried this out a few times last year, but the goal is to make it part of our weekly rhythm this year.  We gathered up several poetry books, rounded up our favorite mugs, and served up coffee and hot chocolate with whipped cream.  Judah chose to read a poem about seagulls and green grass skies.  And Courben chose one about being one inch tall.  We ended up talking and writing about more ideas of what life would be like if we were only one inch tall.  Here are a couple excerpts:

contour drawing of napkin holderCourben:  “And I’d have a mouse friend who’d always come on Thursdays for dinner.”

Judah:  “I’d climb to the top of a water bottle and jump down like I was flying.”

I’d say poetry tea time was a hit this week!

contour drawing of mugWe also tried our hands at contour drawing.  The boys thought it was quite tricky to keep their eyes on the object instead of the paper and to keep their pencils moving.  After a couple tries, they were getting the hang of it and enjoyed it.

We continued work on “Sarah, Plain and Tall,” and did copywork and dictation to go along with it.  Math was a continuation of multiplication for Courben and place value for Judah.  We also found Kids Discover, which is a site with lots of History, Science, and Geography articles for kids to read.  I thought this would be a fun addition for Courben do do independently while Judah reads to me each day.  It feels good to already have two weeks of school in!

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