always surprises

boys smiling for the camera with a tiny toad in handWe can’t help but smile when we find little surprises during our nature study days.  This week, we spent some time in our Nature Notebooks drawing about some of our favorite summer finds and then we popped our helmets and tennis shoes on for a long bike ride in hopes of catching a glimpse of something special along our way.  Sure enough, just like our good, good Father likes to do, He surprised us with lots of little grace-gifts, like this tiny camouflaged toad, a preening great blue heron, and mating cardinals.  We were too far away to tell if we also saw a snow goose (Courben looked it up in the “Birds of Ohio” book when we got home) or an ordinary white duck.  I love that when we take the time to slow down and notice, God is always there waiting for us to see Him and His creation.  Slow living:  it’s one of the reasons we home educate!

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