who knew?

fingers counting yellow flower petalsWe heard about another metro park that’s within a 20 minute drive from our house; I thought we had visited all the parks on the north and west sides of the city, but I guess not!  So for this week’s Nature Study, we loaded up and drove to check it out.  With our new Nature Notebooks, colored pencils, nature backpacks, and a packed lunch, we were ready for the morning.
boy coloring with colored pencils at a picnic tableOne of the activities in the Summer section of our notebooks was a Summer Hike Checklist; we had to hunt for things like moss, bees, bird nests, rough bark, a worm, a weed with a flower on top, an insect home, and a flower with 6-8 petals.  The boys seemed to enjoy the mini hunt and promptly got to writing about their favorite finds.
child drawing of a robin eating a worm, spelled roben and wrmGracie’s big accomplishments were completing the hike without being in the mei-tai wrap on my back and finding a walking stick to rival Judah’s.  She also loved swiping the jet-black raspberries without getting poked by thorns and popping them in her mouth.

The one down side?  So.  Much.  Poison Ivy.  Everywhere.  I sure hope I avoided all of it!

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