fun, family, food, fireworks

kids running and climbing, playing in the sunAfter this weekend, I was reminded how solid, long-term, real relationships are refreshing to my soul. There was much laughter, great food and conversation, and late night “oohs” and “ahs” and “uh-ohs” thanks to backyard fireworks. 
little girl snuggling and smiley in the lap of her auntieWe spent time with friends who are all more like sisters and brothers to us (and cousins for our kiddos), all of us going through some difficult life circumstances. The sweet thing I noticed was that because our friendships were founded on Jesus and fun (think covenant relationship), we were all able to set aside stresses and pains, and enjoy each other with laughter and play. 
kids watching backyard fireworks at duskIt also had me longing for some of those kinds of just-be-me relationships to be proximal, the see-you-a-few-times-a-week kind. Ultimately, it comes down to us being willing to pursue deep relationships, scatter the seed of friendship liberally, and trust God to fill in His grace for something He designed us for, community. After all, he is community himself-father, son and spirit. 

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