an adventuring we will go

boy smiling in the tall weedsWe spent our Sunday adventuring as a family; we went to Battell Darby Metro Park to explore!  Judah started off the adventure with a trek through taller-than-him weeds; thankfully only one tick was found upon exiting.
boy with eyes closed eating mulberriesMulberry foraging was Grace’s favorite part.  And Judah found the perfect walking stick that had a hook at the top, perfect for pulling down out-of-reach berry branches.
dad drawing a compass and directions with a stickThere was an impromptu navigation lesson with Nate teaching the boys to get more specific in their direction-giving than the general cardinal (N, S, E, W) and ordinal (NW, SW, etc) directions.  Think north-northwest or west-northwest
mother and daughter climbing a steep hillGrace chose the best times to try out her adventure skills, like climbing this hill.  Other times, she was happy to ride on my back as my “quite the load” as other explorers called her.
holding a dragonhunter larvae exoskeletonWe also found this crazy looking exoskeleton.  We knew it wasn’t a cicada, but had no other ideas until I texted my dad.  He suggested dragonfly larvae.  Sure enough, this guy is the exoskeleton of a dragonhunter larvae, which is the Ohio holy grail of dragonflies.  What a find!

When all was said and done, we thanked God for a peaceful and enjoyable morning for our entire family out in His Creation.


2 thoughts on “an adventuring we will go

  1. Hi Natalie

    Thanks so much for continuing to fill me in with all the activities at your house. I must tell you though that since you changed the way you are sending the pictures I’m not able to pull them up – suppose I’m not doing something right. Let me know if there is a different way to retrieve them.

    Have a great day in the Lord.

    Grandma G

    • Grandma! That’s so frustrating! I didn’t know what it would do to people’s emails. What I do know is that if you go straight to the blog, it will work. So, will take you there to see the pictures. Wish I could do something else to fix it!


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