fun-filled long weekend

kids and mom drawing with sidewalk chalkWe had a lovely long weekend with some of our favorite people, the Johnsons!  The kiddos played in our backyard almost the entire weekend, sidewalk chalking, ambulance rides in our broken bike trailer, and delivering babies. 
two girls getting ready to go through a bouncy obstaclc courseWe also celebrated Judah’s last flag football game of the season on Sunday. Their team finally won!  What a great way to end the season!  Elia and Gracie loved racing each other through the bouncy obstacle course that was at the event, as well. 
flag football team posing with trophiesBecause Saturday ended up being a toasty day, we took a mile walk to the Hilliard fountains to cool off while Nate and Josh toured the city. 
three kids making funny faces with a squirt gunWe also took them to the Daily Growler, our new favorite Mexican restaurant, and the new local ice cream shop. We ended our time together praying for each other and asking for vision for the future. We can’t wait to see these guys again! 
two families posing in front of a tree


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