school, week 34

No picture this week, sadly.  I’ve used up all my allotted space on WordPress, so Nate is helping find a work-around. Hopefully, pictures will be back next week!  For now, I wanted to get our week of school in since we’re so close to the end of our year. 

I’ve been researching curriculums for next year, and stumbled upon one called Brave Writer. It’s more than a writing curriculum; it’s a way of life based on Charlotte Mason methods. So, obviously, I’m excited to try it out!  One of the suggestions in the curriculum is to institute Poetry Tea Times. So we tried it out this week:  tea, milk, and sugar and the perfect piratey poems to start (thanks to a morning of perusing the library all by my lonesome). It was a hit!  All three kiddos enjoyed it as we giggled, said “arrrr!” too many times, and spilled milk on the floor. 

We also finished the Liberty’s Kids series as we read more on the writing of the constitution for US History. Pirates filled the boys’ free-writing time and they continued multiplying and subtracting for math. 

COSI, our local science museum, was an impromptu trip on Thursday since our co-op’s field day was postponed due to rain. We were able to visit exhibits we’ve never been to and make flubber! We also spotted several forest tent caterpillars on our walk back to the car. After doing some research, we found out that they like to travel in groups as they look for food.  Sounds like some smart critters!

We’ve got two weeks left before we wrap up our year. Hopefully, pictures will accompany our last two updates. 


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