big girl 

Big week here!  Gracie is potty training!  Goodbye diapers, hello racing to the nearest potty. 


2 thoughts on “big girl 

  1. Probably it is a good thing that we seldom have memories of ourselves much before the age of three!  But(t)–pun intended–I’m sure that Gracelyn will lovethis fourteen years or so down the road!  Wish you could have heard your mother and Roberta Brokaw, play their flute duet yesterday: it was marvelouslybeautiful.  I was able to sit beside your dad at the concert (another treat for me); but I had to duck out immediately following the duet because I had alreadychanged my dinner invitation to neighbors from 3:00 to 4:00 so that I could go to Fairview for the program.  Mike and Peggy Hinshaw live near Martinsville, areactive members (and growers) of an orchid group, kayak on the lake here, and like to play Dominoes with our rules.    Your mother joined Jamie, Denille, Alexis,and Olivia to honor me with an early Mothers” Day treat at a quaint teahouse in Auburn for High Tea on Friday.  Such a blessing!  Thinking of each of you withmuch love, GrGr

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