family monster drawings 

We’re back at drawing together today, and this time we tweaked an idea from the book, “Tangle Art & Drawing Games For Kids.”We each started by drawing a continuous line with highs and lows, diagonals, horizontals, and verticals.Then, we passed our papers to the person next to us. Next, we added bodies to the line in front of us, and passed again. Arms, legs, feet, and hands were next. Then came facial features, hair, clothing, and final details for the monsters. We passed one final time and added in backgrounds and any finishing touches. 

It was neat to see the changes that kept being made since we weren’t explaining what we drew before passing the paper. The finished products were whimsical, silly, and creative; and all four of us enjoyed the process!

2 thoughts on “family monster drawings 

  1. Thanks for sharing your art with us.  We missed your family today when your mom and dad, Kylee and Nick, Jacob, Serena, and Nora had the afternoon and supper together at Conklins.  Denille had bought a ham shank into which we poked cloves before cooking it in the crockpot; it was one of thebetter hams I’ve eaten in a long time.  We trust that your Easter Day was special.  Ours started with an earlier-than-usual alarm clock.  Thankfullly, I hadshowered yesterday, and since we had a  blueberry pancake breakfast at church to look forward to, I had only myself to get ready for  the sunrise ser-vice. For the past few years, neighbor church members (about 1/4 of a mile on around the lake) have hosted a sunrise “event”, for which I borrow Jamie’s keyboard to accompany our Easter hymns.  I experimented with several settings while practicing so as to have a different “sound” for eachhymn.  In past years, I have had to fight cold and wind, often putting gloves back on between hymns, to be able to play.  But this morning was fairlymild, the forecasted rain held off, and I played from a screened-in porch, so things went better.  The resident blue heron lifted off the lake for a brief,low-flying cross-lake journey while we were gathered.  Our pastor always joins us, as she and her husband live only a couple of doors from Van den-Elsts.  Her husband was already at church heading up the pancake breakfast for any who wanted to avoid dry cereal at home!  Our special music wasa setting of a familiar Easter hymn that included a trumpet, six handbells that I was able to cover by myself, and congregational participation, so it wasglorious.  Pastor Deb always is able to breathe new life into the familiar scripture and bring new ideas to the message.  Four couples of us and ayoungish widow from here on the lake went to Pokagon for the Easter buffet.  Leaving there, we headed for Denille’s to join their snacking-in-progress.We talked and played games before dinner.  Your mom shared some of her frozen corn-off-the-cob to go with cheese potatoes and a julienne saladthat paired salami, cabbage, and orange chunks with a little horseradish in the dressing.  I had baked three different kinds of cookies; chocolate forthe flower pot, lemon for the flower, and oatmeal-vanilla for the butterfly (my personal favorite symbol for resurrection).  All in all, it was a truly blessedEaster for which my heart rejoices.  Much love and many prayers for each of you,  GrGrMa/GrGrPa

    • Sounds like you had a lovely day celebrating The Resurrection! We spent the morning at our church gathering and then the rest of the day was at home with a close friend. We played, created, and generally made space for conversation, rest, and joy. It was a good day here, too!

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