We went to another metro park program today, and it was all about ducks!  The kiddos got to observe tame ducks in a controlled environment. And they even got to touch one!  They documented their observations and learned a little about what it’s like to be a scientist who studies animals.  We’re always wishing we’d get to actually spend time outside at these programs, but not so today. I guess we’ll have to do that on our own time. 


2 thoughts on “ducks!

  1. Natalie–a hundred thousand pardons for failing to acknowledge your special day.  I can remember the day that I attended yourkindergarten with you:  we “Grammas” were to tell our host grandchild how we got to school when we were children.  And I thinkthat we had our photo taken sitting in a big rocking chair.  Neither or us had even an inkling about what the next thirty or so yearswould bring.  I hope you know that we are extremely proud of the way you are investing your life.  Lovingly, Gr/Gr   May you senseanew being held close to God’s heart.

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