birthdays, birthdays

We are always thinking through how and why we celebrate; this includes holidays and birthdays. So this year, we decided to celebrate birthdays by letting the boys pick something fun to do. Courben picked going to Joe’s Crab Shack and Judah picked going on a scavenger hunt. To make sure both days still included surprises, we chose not to let them pick everything about their special day. For Courben, we surprised him by taking him to REI and sneakily picking out his very first pocket knife. He was definitely surprised!  And for Judah, we picked a local metro park and Panda Express (both places he loves) for his scavenger hunt. Ultimately, we want our kids to feel loved and valued. We don’t want them to get caught up in the me-me-me and gimme-gimme-gimme that are often associated with birthdays. So, we do fun things, eat food they love, tell birth stories and following Jesus stories, and look at family pictures. And of course, because our extended family is far away, they spend most of their actual birthday on the phone, FaceTime, and receiving birthday texts, emails, and mail. Whew!  We’re tired already and we still have Grace’s birthday and my birthday. Who’s idea was it to put four of our five birthdays within six weeks of each other?


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