g hair update 

We continue to research, YouTube, and read about curly hair. This time around, I tried a two-strand twist-out. Sounds like a dance or something!Anyway, I put in several two-strand twists yesterday and left them in overnight. This morning, I carefully took out the twists, and here are the results!  Cute curls!  This was my second attempt, and already I’m getting the hang of it, and Grace is getting the hang of sitting for 30 minutes while I work!

3 thoughts on “g hair update 

  1. I’ll dance to that, whatever it is; she’s cute and precious, regardless of whether or not I get the steps right!  ‘Twas SO-Ogood to have you here for our Christmas celebration.  I had saved the Arizona tea containers the you had brought–afterdrinking the remaining contents, of course–and gave them to your dad last evening when he and your mom gladdened ourday by joining us for dinner.  The jugs are of much heavier plastic than milk jugs, so they are harder to chew through whenthey are collecting maple sap shortly.   This morning, I saw two resident mallards on the now-open lake, and watched a lonegull swoop and dive and gyrate across the sky.  Grandpa left very early this morning for Goshen to offiaciate a conferencemeet (boys and girls both).  Sectional competition starts next week.  He was told this week by one of the state swimmingofficers that he is ranked No. l swim official in the state.  Ranking is done by attendance at certain clinics, score on the yearly100-point exam, and votes by coaches/AD’s of teams for which he has officiated.  Not bad for an 80-yr. old, eh?           Lovingly, Gr/Gr

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