listening journals

2017-01-20_13-39-10_659After the new year, I decided it was time to add in a bit more structure to our days.  I’m sure this does not surprise most you.  I felt like the boys needed a bit more direction in their days, and I knew I was not being intentional about teaching them things like Bible-reading or praying or listening to the Holy Spirit.  We have been studying missionaries as part of our homeschool curriculum, and we’ve tried various ways to include Bible reading, but nothing stuck.  So, we added these things into our day to create a new rhythm.

During the days that we don’t have morning activities (music together or field trips), we start our days with a listening time.  We sit quietly for maybe a minute or two and I ask the boys to listen for words or look for a picture God might be giving them.  At this point, I’m not trying to determine if they’re actually hearing from God.  I just want them to practice listening, like anything else we practice.  It has really been a sweet and fruitful time already!

We’re also taking turns reading from Judah’s NIRV Beginning Reader’s Bible.  It’s the perfect in-between Bible because it has actual verses from the Bible, not just stories; but it’s not the entire bible, which can be overwhelming to a new reader.  The other great thing is that it’s written in version that he can actually read.  So good!  We read a page or so before rest time each day.

So far, these rhythms are proving to work for us.  I’m praying we can be disciplined in keeping them, but continually adjusting to make them work for us.


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