MLKJ hike

Judah has been wanting to go on a winter hike,and quite frankly, I’m almost always up for a hike. So, we thought today was the perfect day for such an outing.  Daddy is off work and it’s not super cold. We explored a new metro park that’s quite close to us!  We played with sticks, followed deer tracks and paths, sloshed through mud, and found an onion-scented grass. 

It was a good morning together in God’s Creation. 

One thought on “MLKJ hike

  1. Hurrah for your team!  Alexis, Olivia, and I tried the fairly-smooth ice on the lake yesterday.  Due to past rains, there were somestanding-water spots; and the chunks of ice that had been wind-blown to our end of the lake were visible under the top ice layer.Alexis’ boots definitely were not waterproof, so the sliding/walking venture soon produced cold feet. The girls had been trying tokick the pinecones to each other.  My first step onto the ice from shore showed me that my hard-soled shoes were not going tobe much good for ice-walking-without-falling.  So we walked to the bridge to watch the fast-flowing water rush under it.  Ofcourse, each girl had to drop a small limb over the rail on the lake side, then skip across the road to see it head downstream.Back at the house, the wet socks went into the dryer–and since they had completed their homework, they dived into their doll-playing.  Each then made a flat, narrow sword-like device covered with fabric (remnants of a retired sheet); and Alexis had man-aged to concoct a workable spring-board the the dolls’ gymnastics class.  My sister and I didn’t even know what gymnasticswas!  But we surely did cut out paper-doll outfits and even made our own designs out of scraps of wallpaper.  Oh, yes, andplayed with slightly-used wall-paper cleaner wads like playdough.  So much for looking backward!  Love to each of you.  G/G

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