homemade coloring books 

I wanted to share our most recent project with those of you who aren’t close friends and family because we think it was a pretty great idea (toot toot)!

The boys have been really into drawing lately, so I had started pinning various Christmas drawing instructions for them. As we got to drawing, I realized we could make a gift for all our friends and family:   A Christmas coloring book. 

We used instructions like this one and this one and several others to make about 12-15 drawings. We used pencil first, then traced them with black permanent marker, and finally erased any stray pencil marks. After we were satisfied with our collection of drawings, we photocopied them and had them bound at Staples. 

Last Thursday, we headed out to the post office and mailed 15 coloring books. We just started receiving cute pictures like the one in this post and fun messages from our recipients. So fun!

Would love to hear if you decide to make a similar gift for your friends. There’s still time!

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