school, week 16

Courben’s latest obsession is all things survival. One of his classes at co-op is survival skills, so I thought the book, Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, would be perfect. After a couple weeks of dragging his feet and resisting my recommendation, he dove in. To say he’s in love is an understatement. He’s inhaled the following two books in the series and is anxiously awaiting the final two to arrive at the library. He’s even spent his afternoons playing “survival” and building shelters, fires, and weapons in the backyard. Piano lessons still seem to be going well with our online class. This week, both boys got to start composition. They started by making up a rhythm and then writing it down. Then, they put a tune to it. All week, they’ve been practicing their own songs. So fun! We also picked up the audio book of Ben and Me to go along with our reading for US History.  It’s a hysterical story about Benjamin Franklin, told from the perspective of his pet mouse, Amos. 

We finished learning about the strings family of the orchestra and have been enjoying the soundtrack to The Sound of Music

What are you learning this week?


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