eagle river vacay

We just got back from a week long trip to Northern Wisconsin with the Johnsons!  We all had a blast! I’m going to do my best to give you the highlights, but we took so many great pictures!After spending Sunday checking out the resort’s kayaks and playground, we took a rainy hike to see Bond Falls on Monday. We even went off-trail to check out the top of the falls. We hopped over streams, marveled at bright red mushrooms, and navigated through rocks and tree roots. 

We spent Tuesday in our codos, playing war, reading books, and coloring. We found an incredible children’s museum on Wednesday. They had such unique exhibits like a fire tower and ranger station, a market stocked with food,and a mine full of all kinds of treasures. And those were just some of the fun activities. Thursday was cool and cloudy, so we opted to spend our day at the resort pool. It was perfect for our crew, with a 3-4′ pool for the big kids and a 6-18″ pool for the littles.  Our last full day was Friday, and we enjoyed a two hour pirate ship ride in gorgeous 65 degree sunny weather. We got bandanas, hand-drawn tattoos, had tons of popcorn and lemonade, and  scoped out eagles nests along the shore. Saturday, we packed up and headed home, but not forgetting to stop and see the world’s tallest flagpole in Sheboygan. It’s 400 feet tall. Zoom in and see if you can find Nate and Grace.Of course, there were a few melt-downs along the way, but all in all, our kids were great vacationers, especially considering there were six of them ages seven and under. We ate lots of great food, shopped the local shops, and stayed up late playing games while the kiddos slept hard. 

We can hardly wait to start planning another trip together. 


2 thoughts on “eagle river vacay

  1. Love reading and seeing all your family and friends adventures. What great memories your kids will have of their childhood. Love to each of you.


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