first piano lesson

​I mentioned last week that we were going to try an online piano school for lessons for both boys. Today was the day!  Courben was not happy about the idea, but ended up really enjoying the first lesson. It probably has something to do with learning a song on day one (see the video above).  Judah also liked it, and both of them are curious about what the next lesson will hold. 

I was a bit skeptical about video piano lessons, but here’s what I liked about week one:

  • The teacher is friendly, not too silly and not too serious
  • He taught using several different learning styles in the very first lesson 
  • Lessons are short (12 minutes for today’s)
  • The boys finished and both know how to play a song

Here’s the website for Hoffman Academy if you’re interested. Basically, the lessons are free and then you can choose to purchase the materials that go along with the lessons (mp3s, sheet music, and extra practice pages). I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

2 thoughts on “first piano lesson

  1. Hurrah for music and pianos and little fingers and open hearts!  I have  a picture from 33 years ago that Iwant to send to Gracelyn soon.  Well, surely, Judah and Courben–and Mom and Dad–can look, too.Lovingly, Grandma/Great Grandma

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