another farm trip

​We headed out to Slate Run Historical Farm again this morning. They had a craft day planned, and we wanted in on it. 

The boys made paper birds and whirlygigs to launch off the hay loft (see video above).  They decided old-fashioned scissors are not easy to use, especially for lefties!

Of course, we also had to try out the yard games, stilts, and swings. 

Even though it was drizzling, the animals didn’t seem to mind. Grace got to pet a sheep, but decided the horses were a bit much. 

All in all, a fun morning on the farm!!

One thought on “another farm trip

  1. What a fun time!  I have a couple of haymow stories to share some day; my maternal grandparents lived and worked on a farm, asdid my paternal grandparents (although I never knew my grandfather Wilson, who died when my dad was about 13).  Loving youall, Grandma Lynn

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