poor gracie 

Have you seen these cuties?  Our first introduction to them was at Mark and Emi’s wedding a couple years ago. They’re so gorgeous and fluffy!  Unfortunately, their hairy bristles carry venom and can cause a nettles or poison ivy type rash. 

We haven’t seen these little guys for quite a while, but yesterday we came across one at High Banks. We were minding our own business, catching crawdads (loads of them), when all of a sudden, Grace started crying. It wasn’t a death-cry, but something was definitely bothering her. She kept shrugging one of her shoulders towards her ear and fussing. There didn’t seem to be a sting spot or any stinging plants around, so we were baffled. Was there something in her ear

Finally, after further inspection, we found tiny hairs on her neck, and one stuck right in her skin!  After washing the area and plucking the hair, we thought it may have been one of these caterpillars. We also found traces of the hairs on her shirt. Eventually, Courben discovered the culprit, and sure enough:  Hickory Tussock Moth Caterpillar. 

Steer clear if you see one!  They look cute, but they are not!  After some calamine lotion and about two hours, little Gracelyn seemed to be back to normal. Thank goodness!


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