our li’l’ musician

Since our church is fairly new and quite small, there is no nursery for Miss Gracie to go to during service. This means, she gets to sit with us (read: entertain and distract anyone who’s near her). Most Sunday’s, she eats her weight in Cheerios, empties the contents of her diaper bag, and tries to escape (never mind the toys I bring along). This Sunday was no different, except she added a trick. She swiped the sheet music from our table, got down, and started walking around and singing. She did it multiple times, and it was lovely to watch and hear. This newfound talent may be something to look forward to instead of usual Sunday’s where I feel a bit apprehensive about having the only toddler in church. 


4 thoughts on “our li’l’ musician

  1. Oh what a little doll! Thank you for sharing this. It brightened my day as ALL you share does. I may not always respond but trust me I do appreciate you writings and pictures. Love being able to keep up on your wonderful family. Love to each of you, Aunt Ginnie

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  2. Surely do wish I could hear her sing!  I’m sure she got her talent from her great-grandma/grandpa Simons!  Give her and the boyshugs from us.  Olivia and Alexis are here today; Deni mentioned that she and they are headed to Columbus tomorrow.  What fun!After lunch, we are all going to brother Dave’s and Cam’s to deliver the linens and towels that we brought back from ThaddeusLake when we returned Sat.  D & C will take their “turn” up there, leaving Wed., so I hurriedly did the week-and-a-half’s worth oflaundry yesterday after church [such powerful messages Revdeb–her email name–gives us].  I even hung some outside after dis-lodging numerous spider webs, etc.  It was overcast but warm and breezy.  The warm part was actually a departure from the cool,rainy, rainy weather we lived in at Wilsons’ Whispering Wilderness.  To add insult to injury, we caught NO fish.  So we are going totry again in three weeks when we return with Ed and Nancy for their “turn”.  And, actually, it will be my third trip up there this year.The first one was quite short; my three brothers and I went up in mid-May.  Stan, who was keeper of our father’s ashes, had takena portion of them to Canada last summer and sprinkled them on the water near the Indian paintings on the rock almost due northfrom our A-frame.  Although the folks transferred the title to him when they could no longer go up, Stan always considered that hewas holding it for the family.  He was the natural one to receive it, since he was the one who built it in the first place  Anyway, hewanted the other three of us to scatter the remaining ashes, so he planned a trip when we could all go at the same time.  It wasquite interesting; I get along well with each brother one on one, but all together?–not always!  Oldest son (Ed) chose to crossunder the railbed into Ord Lake where he and Dad often fished.  There is a great bedrock place along the shore of a small islandthat  they often used for a shore lunch (or picnic).  Middle son (Dave) chose the shore at the portage to Williams Lake on the north-east shore of Thaddeus where he and Dad shot a moose one fall.  My own choice was to bury the ashes in front of the bench (aplank across two upright stumps) where Dad always sat to hand-feed a small fire under a grill to fry the walleyes.  When we werefeasting on walleyes, Mom used to say that the Queen of England never ate better than we did!  And that’s the truth.    But backto our itinerary for the day, we will go up to Tom’s and Ginnie’s to check on Ginnie.  She had fallen while we were away; while thesurgeon was to repair the break, he decided to do a needed-anyway knee transplant.  She had been at a nursing home for therapyfollowing the surgery, but was unable to sleep much there, so Tom is taking her home today.  Depending on how things go whenwe’re there, the girls may get to use their pool.         Well, Jim just asked me when I planned lunch today, so I THINK that was ahint to get downstairs to the kitchen!  Much love and many prayers, Grandma Lynn

    • So glad to hear all about your Canada trips! Three times in one summer is great!! We’re all looking forward to time with D, O, & A this week. I’m sure you’ll hear all about it when they’re back. Love you and Grandpa!

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