back to the grind stone

After about six weeks off, we started up school this week, second grade for Courben and the big Kindergarten for Judah. We enjoyed learning about a missionary to China for Bible, lots of facts about our home-state for Geography, and Courben and I took turns reading aloud “The Courage of Sarah Noble” for US History.One of the highlights of the week was getting to meet our homeschool co-op. The boys made fast-friends with two other sets of brothers.  We can’t wait until co-op starts up in September. Until then, we’ll enjoy monthly meet-ups and Mom’s Nights Out. 

We got in a fun art lesson based on trees (our nature study curriculum combines poetry, picture study, and read aloud, so I’m trying to find art lessons that go along with the theme as well). First, the boys collected different green leaves and a stick. Then, they laid the leaves on a white piece of paper and covered them with a paper towel. Now the fun part, hammering the leaves (we put a cutting board underneath to protect the table). Of course, once we removed the leaves, green chlorophyll left prints. Finally, we painted our sticks and attached them to the paper with glue dots. Such a fun project!To finish our week, we celebrated with free ChickFilA milkshakes. Thanks 4th of July Parade!  Here’s to another great homeschool year!


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