never would have guessed…

…we’d be pool people, but this summer, we are. Our house is about a mile from the pool, which means we can even ride our bikes there. Our typical routine is eat lunch, head to the pool when it opens at noon, and stay for two hours. This seems to be a decent amount of time for our three. Courben is tall enough to ride the big slides and Judah loves the lazy river. Gracie is not sure she loves any of it, but she manages if I sing to her while we’re swimming. The pool pass has been a great investment for these hot days!


2 thoughts on “never would have guessed…

  1. Well I finally found out how to reply to “above this line”. Ha. Just remember your ole Auntie is 81. Ha! So enjoy all your pictures and comments. I know the kids have to enjoy it. Big change in having a little girl? So glad you have a pool to go to Took your Grandpa. Grandma, Olivia and___(mind went blank) to lunch yesterday doe their aniversary and Grandpa’s birthday. I do not think we have seen your grandpa as happy as he is over his getting to go to se his Boston Res socks play. Nate and Jake hit a home run with that father’s day gift!! Love to all.


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