shoemaker bakers

This girl thinks she’s way older than she is, and decided to help Judah and me bake. I’m actually surprised she didn’t stick her little fingers in the dough!  We tried play dough this week, and all she did was eat it!I’m not sure who thought eating flour was a treat, but these two protested when I started cleaning it. I’ll take tiny baker helpers any day of the week. We’ve all become quite a great team since we’ve had so much time to bake over the past year. 


2 thoughts on “shoemaker bakers

  1. She must like that necklace–isn’t it the one she wore in the photos you sent us? I’m sorry, but old English teachers never die; they just live to correct their family’s grammar! (Unless it has changed in the last 65 years or so, we should use “help the boys and ME”, not “…and I). Don’t fret: I corrected Uncle Jim and my brother David just this morning! And I got a black mark for correcting a daughter-in-law early on. Oh, well….! Have I told you lately that I love you all and am very proud to be part of your family. Lovingly, Grandma

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