she’s one!

2015-04-22 21.25.44I can not even believe this baby girl of ours is one!  And to think, a year ago today, we still didn’t even know she existed, let alone know she was ours!  She was born on a Tuesday afternoon, weighing in at 6 lbs 15 oz and measuring 19 1/2 in (all this we got via text from our case worker because I was so excited, I forgot to ask the details on the phone!).  This picture was taken by our sweet case worker at the hospital on the night we got the phone call (Gracelyn Rae was one day old).

2015-04-23 20.31.25This is the moment we met our sweet baby girl (two days old) in the hospital.  We spent only a few hours with her, but we loved every minute.

2015-04-28 13.08.55When she was one week old, we finally got to take her home!  What a relief!

2015-05-29 12.34.16Here, Grace is one month old and showing her toughness by lifting her head (and her cuteness by showing off her bow and tutu).

2015-06-19 09.41.29.jpgThe curls are beginning to come in at two months!2015-07-31 19.12.29Bathtime with mommy was Gracie’s favorite pastime at three months.2015-08-25 16.07.42.jpgFour months is definitely a good time to start working your leg, arm, and stomach muscles so you can start crawling soon…at least that’s what Grace thought.2015-09-30 08.43.07.jpgBy five months, Gracelyn adored playing with her brothers.  She knew they were the source of fun!2015-10-29 13.09.13Personality is shining right through at six months (and so are two teeth).  This girl loves to smile!2015-11-30 11.33.11.jpgOf course, our awaited court date…Grace was seven months old and officially ours forever!2015-12-22 12.44.02.jpgHappy as can be at eight months old, curly hair and a big smile.IMG_1016.jpgBy nine months, she’s all trouble…getting into the trash, jumping into the bathtub (fully dressed) with Judah, and trying to climb stairs!IMG_1222.jpgOh, and did I mention making messes?  Ten months and loving smoothies for breakfast.IMG_1346.jpgShe also adores being outside.  Pretty much from the beginning, you could take her outside if she was upset and she’d calm down.  Look out, Judah, 11 month old Grace wants to play football with you!

It’s been quite the year, learning what it means to be a mom of a daughter, to be an adoptive mom, and to be a pink mom with a brown baby.  We are so thankful for this Grace-Gift we were given at exactly the perfect time last year.  It won’t be an easy road ahead, but we know God has made this little girl in His imagine and she is His daughter, an heiress to His thrown.  We get to be the ones to take care of her and teach her about Him.

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