birds, nests, and bikes

  We decided to bike instead of hike for our nature study this week. That takes a bit more focus since nature is going past you quickly!  We did slow down enough to see  sparrows, cardinals, robins, and a gold finch.  
 We also found some nests!  Courben climbed a tree to get this great shot, and Judah followed to get a good look, too.  

 So proud of these boys!  We biked 15 miles this morning!  We definitely had some worn-out legs, complaining stretches, and tired-induced anger on the way back, but we made it!  Thankfully, Gracelyn got in a morning snooze before we stopped for lunch. 

How did you enjoy Creation this week?


4 thoughts on “birds, nests, and bikes

  1. I am enjoying the pink of peach blossoms at Stroh’s Orchard while I whiz past at 55 m.p.h. But yesterday, I took a five minute break to enjoy the light blue flowers of Round-Lobed Hepatica contrasting with the dry oak leaves on a warm, sunny slope at Lime Lake NP.

    Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2016 17:35:09 +0000 To:

    • We have been LOVINGLY the flowering trees. Kinda hoping someday we can plant one of our own!

  2. Well, thanks for asking! We’ve been watching a small flock of coots, who dive under water for long periods like loons, but sit higher in the water and have white breasts. Then I replanted a yellow foxtail lily bulb that some animal had dug up, and took a second late afternoon to dig out more weeds from the flower beds on both sides of the white picket fence. One of the pickets has been blown off the fence by the strong winds this winter. The rhubarb is up, as are some very small white-and-green flowers from bulbs that I set out last fall and then promptly forgot their name. The ground finally dried enough that I could mow part of the lake-side lawn. I was able to cut a few purple hyacinths to scent our dining area. What neat photos of the nest (congratulations, Courben) and the distance-bikers. Was Miss Birthday Girl riding along? Wish I were close enough to give her–and all of you–hugs. Lovingly, Grandma/Grandpa

    • She was and was a trooper. she snoozed a bit and then rode the rest of the way.

      Sounds like you’ve been enjoying nature lately too! Love you!

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