At Christmas, we learned how to make Shoemaker family fudge. It’s been a yearly tradition since Grandpa learned from his mom when he was a boy.  

  So, tonight we thought we’d try out our new skills on our own and teach the boys along the way.  

 Unfortunately, something went wrong in our process because during the stir phase, the “fudge” had already begun to seize!  We were unable to stir or mix in the butter. It looked like caramel instead of fudge! 

 So, we made the boys hot fudge sundaes (today, not on Sunday like Judah was afraid of). The caramel-not-fudge continued to harden and eventually became rock solid. 

Nate and I decided to give it one more try tonight, determined to eat some fudge before bed. Thankfully, round two went much better and we ended up with a crumbly fudge, not perfect, but definitely on the fudge scale!

I suppose it was good we got in some practice now before Christmas rolls around again!

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