flex week, number three

 As each nine weeks of school passes, we take a week to look back for celebration and review. We talk, draw, and write about all our different areas of study and document them. This all goes in our yearly portfolio. I love that our curriculum sets aside time for this!  To end our week, we headed up to High Banks Metro Park to get a glimpse of the eagles’ nests. Of course, we found lots of other goodies along the way, like this woodpecker (a good reminder to be thankful and enjoy the journey as well as the destination).   These tiny flowers were some of the few first blooms we noticed in the woods.   Apparently, we are now snake people. The boys were quite excited to pick up this little guy. The second snake we saw was not quite as friendly, though, and tried to strike Courben’s shoe. Thankfully, we all came away unscathed.  And of course, we found this triceratops head and frill. I’m sure other paleontologist have discovered it before us, but we definitely needed a picture with it!

2 thoughts on “flex week, number three

    • It really has been refreshing and the boys look forward to it! So thankful our curriculum suggested it! I enjoy reading your blog, as well. Your tickle blogs have been inspiring and challenging. Love it!

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