goodness from the pruning

 I’ve mentioned over the last several months that our family is in a season of rest after the fruitfulness we saw from our missionary work in the inner city.

Lately, I’ve been trying to think about what God has shown us during this season. We have been given ample amounts of time to spend as a nuclear family-learning what it’s like to be a family of five.  We’ve tried to focus our time on what we value as a fivesome. We value God (and Jesus and the Holy Spirit as Judah usually adds). We value each other and other people. We value Gods creation, no matter the weather. We value fun (biking, video games, reading, and Legos).

Without even realizing it, the values that we set out to focus on in this season have actually, concretely become reality.  The boys remember to read the Bible at mealtimes even when they’re not at home. They play outside everyday without me requiring it. They are even beginning to think of each other before themselves.

So, I’m beginning to notice the goodness of this rest and pruning season when so much of it started off hard and felt painful. And I’m looking forward to see what else God shows us as good from this season.

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