officially a big kid


Judah Christian was born five years ago and welcomed immediately by Mommy, Daddy, Courben, Mimi, and Grandpa in the hospital room.


At one, Judah loved all things drums.  To this day, he’ll tell you his favorite music is the kind with loud drums and a good beat.

art museum

Full of mischief and laughter, at two, Judah kept us on our toes!

2014-03-21 11.19.31.jpg

Adventure, spirit, and passion marked year three.

2015-04-15 17.51.05

Taking after his older brother, Judah decided to follow Jesus and get baptized (one of the most clear words from His Father he’s heard) at age four.

And now he’s crossed out of little kid-hood and into year five.  Judah is sensitive to others’ feelings, has an incredible memory, and cares deeply about fairness and justice.  We can hardly wait to see what kind of things God teaches us through this guy this year.

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