another trip to south carolina

   We headed to Greenville, SC again this weekend since Nate had Monday off. It’s been four months since we’ve visited and thought it was high time we get back there. For those of you who haven’t heard, it’s our next missionary destination. We’re excited about the possibilities and the next leg of our adventure. 

 While we were in town, we took advantage of the beautiful 50-60 degree weather and played outside at a couple different parks.    We also got to visit the church that we will be apart of once we’re settled. 

There was lots of laughter, play, conversation, and exploration. Thankful for the chance to visit!  At this point, we’re praying for God’s provision and timing for a job for Nate.  We’d love for you to join us in this.  


One thought on “another trip to south carolina

  1. Oh my goodness what a surprise. Grandpa and Grandma came to spoil me for my birthday and didn’t give us a hint! My brother lives in Ware Shoals S. Carolina about 40 miles on south I believe. Beautiful area!!!!!!!!!!! Love and Prayers


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