my li’l’ helper

  I don’t know if you’ve heard, but this little girl is attached to my hip. I’ve heard all kinds of bonding/attachment stories with adoptions. So honestly, I’m quite thankful Gracie and I have a solid start to our relationship. 

What this means, though, is I have a tiny one at my ankles most of the day. This was the solution for me to be able to bake and not have a fussy, pick-me-up baby under my feet. As you can see, it suited her just fine. 


2 thoughts on “my li’l’ helper

  1. Dear Ones, this was my sunshine in this otherwise grey day,so thanks! BTW, we are asking for prayers for Jim on Mon. as he is scheduled for a heart catheterization for both chambers of his heart to help determine what can be done to help with the pulmonary hypertension he’s experiencing. Right now, he is probably on his way home from Elkhart where he has been all day as well as Thurs. eve to officiate the North Lake Conference girls swim meet. Lovingly, Grandma/Grandpa

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