another kentucky christmas 

 After getting the question, “can we go back to our cabin in Kentucky?” about  monthly, we headed back to the cabin in the woods this Christmas.   

 We celebrated by doing a hunt for baby Jesus, taking turns telling the story of Jesus’ birth, and giving three gifts like the wise men did.  

 We enjoyed lots of yummy food, even Grace loved the Christmas spaghetti dinner.  

 We spent tons of time on the porch; eating, resting, and watching the rain.  

 When the rain let up for a few hours, we checked out the trails to the Natural Bridge.  

 We’re all thankful to have had time to spend together, especially in such a gorgeous place.  

 Merry Christmas! 



4 thoughts on “another kentucky christmas 

  1. So happy for your wonderful little fa Ily and how you love the simplicity of life God has given us!! God’s richest blessings in all areas of each of your lives in the new year. Love ya

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  2. Well praise the Lord I just NOW figured out how to respond on my computer!!!!!!!!! Even when I didn’t respond I have so enjoyed them!! Was you at your parent’s for Christmas? They invited us over but for the first time in a very long time I have a very bad cold and congestion. So grateful ours was the Sunday before Christmas!! I can not get over how extremely active Gracie is. What a joy it has been to watch her fit right into your lives. Love each of you and may God richly bless all of you in every area of your lives in 2016.


    • We were at my parents’ house earlier in December to celebrate. Would love to see you sometime!! Love you.

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