the whole story

For those of you who haven’t heard our complete adoption story, I wanted to share it with you in its entirety.  So, in honor of Grace turning eight months old today, here goes:

It was January 2013 and that word, “adoption,” kept popping up everywhere. It was in blogs we read, photos we looked at, and conversations we had. It had never been a word we tossed around. It wasn’t that we were opposed; it just wasn’t something we had considered. Until then. Our family was on a mission to listen to what God was saying to us and then be obedient to what He was saying. This word was from Him and we needed to act on it.

Because this was something completely from our Daddy, we didn’t know quite what we were getting into, but we knew we wanted to adopt an infant from the States. So, we found a local Christian agency and got to work. We completed our home study and mountain of paperwork in no time; I like to check items off a list! Then came the hard part: waiting.

We had been warned that the waiting process could take years, but we were hopeful that we’d be the exception. We weren’t. We waited without so much of a word from our agency for almost two years. We tweaked some of our child characteristic preferences and talked with our agency for tips, but there was really nothing more to do. Just wait. We had already done our part, now it was up to God to make His Story happen.

Waiting is awful. Thankfully, our God likes to give us good gifts in His perfect time. So, in October 2014, we had a friend come to our house with a vision from our Father. She said she had seen our baby in a mother’s womb and God said, “I have not forgotten you.” I suppose it was the cynic in me that wanted to dismiss the vision immediately, but there was a tiny bit of me that held onto hope. Maybe, just maybe, our baby had been conceived and we were in the magical nine month window.

During our waiting, we also had a pretty clear word from God that He was giving us a little girl and we were to name her Grace. Again, because of all the waiting, I wasn’t certain of anything anymore. We have two biological sons, and a daughter would be an amazing gift, but there aren’t any guarantees, right?

Then, one completely random night in April (six months after the vision), my phone rang: Christa (Spirit of Faith Adoptions) on my caller ID. My face lit up! Our social worker began the conversation by asking how long we had waited for this phone call. Almost two years! I immediately put the phone on speaker so Nate and our boys could listen in. Our baby girl had been born the day before without us knowing. We had not been matched prior to this, but the birth mom chose us. She had kept her pregnancy a secret, so when she gave birth, the hospital connected her with our adoption agency. Within a few hours, she had chosen our profile and decided on a closed adoption.

The kicker? The birth mom wondered if we could consider keeping the name she had chosen for the little girl. Gracelyn. That’s when the tears began to flow. That was God’s chosen name for our daughter. We hung up the phone, forgetting to ask any details about size and the like, but began the frenzied phone calls to family and friends, car buying (we only had a four-seater), and planning to head out of town to meet our baby girl the next day.

God had been speaking. He began the conversation two years before with that word. He gave her a name before she was born. And He showed us a picture of her in the womb. He was speaking and we were learning to have faith in what He was saying. Have faith in His voice. The one that can sometimes be still and small and other times be loud and clear.

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