we’re official!

  After a great Thanksgiving holiday, we headed north to Toledo for Gracelyn’s adoption finalization!  We were honored to have family join us at the courthouse for this awaited day. 
  The judge was simply incredible. He invited the five of us (plus lawyer and agency liaison) to the table and he came down from his stand to join us. He talked to Courben lots of the time, which was a grace-gift because he had been nervous about the whole process. Lots of football jokes and lightheartedness took place along with the legal necessities. 

  The judge carried out a 52 year old tradition by giving all the kiddos gavels. What a neat gift for these three. After paperwork and gifts, we got in lots of great pictures and then headed to Famous Dave’s for some trash can lid deliciousness. It was a perfect celebration day to complete this process and thanksgiving weekend. 


One thought on “we’re official!

  1. What a great treasure of a day this was. Thank you for following your hearts on this. God’s richest blessings to you all. Lovingly, Grandma/Grandpa

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