“honeycrispy apples”

   It certainly wasn’t fall weather today, but we headed to Lynd’s Fruit Farm to pick the most delicious apple God created (or maybe man-made with God’s genius behind it). 

It was Honey Crisp Day!  The orchard only has one day set aside for this apple because they get picked and sold so quickly. Thankfully, we made it there and had lots of sweet, juicy apples to pick. 

 The boys ate more apples than we took home, and even Gracelyn got to try out the fruit. She hasn’t started eating table food yet, but she loved licking and sucking on the apple. So much so that she cried every time she dropped it!

Since Nate was still at work and we really love fall apple picking, we’ll head back to the fruit farm another weekend and try another round of apples. 


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