It’s Friday, which means time for a glimpse into our week of school. 
Courben has been very interested in piano this week!  So much so, he practiced one of his songs as soon as he woke up one morning. I’m grateful for his initiation!  He can play a couple songs in his book already. 

 We worked on correct writing this week-Judah and his name and Courben and numbers. As is typical with these ages, letter and number reversals are common, so we practiced getting them right the first time (as Charlotte Mason would have encouraged). 

I’ve been brushing up on my Charlotte Mason thinking and reading more about her way of schooling. She encouraged short lessons, which we have gotten good at. She also put high emphasis on narration and dictation. We’ve done lots of narrating already, and will begin dictation with Courben next week. She also had a love for Nature Study. We do, too!  We’ve found homeschool programs at the metro parks, and have plans to attend them as part of our Nature Study. 

Don’t be fooled, though. Just like regular school, we have frustrating and hard days. I just like to give the highlights of the week, not the lows!


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