oikos love

  You know that house we used to live in when we were in Indiana?  Well, we still own it. Over the years, God has always provided renters and we’ve continued to be faithful in paying for this house we no longer live in. 

Last weekend, we went to the house to fix it up for the next set of renters. To say this job was daunting is an understatement. The garage roof was caving in, the fence was falling down, there was a broken window, and the inside needed a good scrubbing. 

As I was preparing for the day, all I could see was dread. So, I asked God to show me His grace gifts throughout the day. As is consistent with our Father, He did. Here’s just a few of the gifts I saw in the day:

  • Kids running through the house finding treasure (coins and Legos)
  • Walkie talkie communication between kids
  • Being given a handful of flowers while I swept the upstairs
  • 20 loving family and friends working and sweating for the sake of Love
  • Surprise visits from two old family friends
  • Two huge projects almost completed
  • An entire house scrubbed from top to bottom
  • Six kids playing hard and peacefully all day
  • A content baby all day
  • The look on the face of the Taco Bell employee when I ordered 60 tacos
  • Dilly Bars for everyone 
  • A place to sleep when the day was done
  • Rise n roll donuts

The day could have easily been taken as awful with the amount and kind of work that needed to be done, but we chose to be thankful and count His gifts to us. 


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