cousin time

 We’ve been working our tails off to get the house packed up and ready for our move!  Despite the craziness and stress of it all, the cousins had a great time together. 

Olivia and Alexis spent the better part of three days feeding, diapering, clothing, and carrying their newest cousin. They are in love! 

The days were spent building blanket forts and being creative with the excessive amounts of cardboard now taking over the house.  

 The nights were filled with whispers, giggles, and taking turns holding the flashlight and reading to each other. We also headed to the Columbus Commons for the first outdoor movie of the summer. As the girls left and headed back to Indiana, Courben made the plan to write them a letter. Apparently a few minutes away from the girls was all it took to miss them.  We’re so thankful to have family who loves us and serves us.   

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