gracie girl

Guest post by Auntie Kristen:

So I’m sitting here at work trying to put together some plans for teaching. I’ve made a little progress, but mostly I keep thinking about you and Nate and little Gracie and the boys and God’s absolute goodness. I’m sure you’ve gone over all of this in your heads already as you’ve been celebrating this amazing news but just thought I’d share what was occurring to me about the goodness of God and his absolutely perfect timing…

You just turned down a position out in California feeling like this was to be a season of rest and not feeling good about taking on a full time job while you were waiting on this adoption. You heard his voice and followed his leading in faith. This was always His plan.
You just finished all these projects fixing up your house that would have been much trickier to get done with a baby around. Your house sold amazingly quickly. You found out about and are receiving Gracie into your family at just the right time to know what size your family will be as you continue to look for rentals.

You’ve known this is a season of rest. How appropriate that you can focus your energy on your family and be a part of a body who will pour into you at this time and support you in this incredibly joyous season!!!

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s what has come to mind so far as I’ve pondered it all. So perfectly orchestrated and timed no matter how it may have looked quiet, silent, confusing, stagnant at times. God is so big! Your life lived by faith, always looking up to your Father in heaven, listening, trusting, following one little step at a time is such a beautiful testament to who He is and how He works. What glory this brings to His name!!! I’m just sooooooooo happy!!!! Love you!!!!

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