have I told you lately…

  …that we’re fixing up the house?  After hearing a sense of completion of our neighborhood mission (more on that here), we began work on the house. Lots of wallpaper and carpet removal, painting walls, and all kinds of other odds and ends jobs. The boys have been real troopers in all of it, helping where they can and playing independently when they can’t.

 Today, they put their shoes and gloves on and helped me in the bathroom (whoever thought a carpeted bathroom was a good idea should have to come to my house and live in the pee-smelling bathroom for a day, gross). Anyway, they got to use tools to get the old tile up and also swept all the debris into the dustpan. They’re learning all about home improvement right alongside Nate and me!


2 thoughts on “have I told you lately…

    • Oh yes, he gave those to me for Christmas and then quickly became an Indian giver and wears them everywhere 😉

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