our spunky four year old

IMG_0973  Judah came into the world after a carbon monoxide scare in our apartment.  He was a bit heavier and a bit longer than his brother!

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA  At one, we knew Judah was sensitive and had a love-hate relationship with textures.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA  Judah, at two, was mischievous and silly…always running away and hiding if you’d play chase.

2014-03-15 17.08.25  At three, we continued to see Judah’s personality come out as passionate and firey.  He chose to follow Jesus at this ripe old age as well.

2015-02-24 11.30.01  What can I say?  The drama and emotion shines through all day, from sad to mad to excited to cuddly.  He’s a keeper.  We pray God continues to teach him what it is to be a young Prince of the Most High King.

2 thoughts on “our spunky four year old

  1. I’m hoping the b-day card-for-two has arrived by now.  I realize that it is late for Courben; I still haven’t transferredimportant data to my new calendar.  My bad!  Lovingly, Grandma Lynn    P.S.  Love the photos.

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