once upon a time…

Here’s a glimpse into our car ride tonight:
D. Once upon a time, there were two best friends and they had one bicycle.

C. They found it was a two seater bicycle.

M. They decided that it was a perfect day to ride a bike, so they hopped aboard.

J. While they were on the bike, they saw a crocodile, a lion, and a zebra.

D. They thought this was odd because the crocodile, the lion, and zebra were on a bike.

C. Then they realized they were people dressed up as a crocodile, a lion, and a zebra.

M. The people dressed up were headed to a talent show.

J. They were their costumes. The zebra, lion, and crocodile wanted to eat the two best friends on the two seater

D. This was the most terrifying revelation of all because cannibals are sca-ry!

J. Do you mean volcanos?

C. They were actually zombies trying to get the two seater bike.

M. It was a race. They pedaled as fast as they could and smoke started coming off the tires.

J. Then their bike broke. And then Goliath came and stepped on the two best friends.

D. When do I get to go?

J. Three months, I mean tomorrow

D. They were a little scraped up, but thankfully, he mostly stepped on the bicycle. now they are afraid of Goliath and the cannibals, but they thought if they could just make it to the talent show, they’d be safe and they might get to do a dance.

C When they got to the talent show, they were all zombies so they were not that safe. But they were nice zombies, and they were safe.

N. So they asked Goliath if he would join them in their dance. And so, they all did the hokey pokey And the zombies sang…

J. …a song about tooting. The end.


2 thoughts on “once upon a time…

  1. Now you just need to put it to music! I love it when the Big Kids have storysongs in their homeplay pages!

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