snow tubing

We had a blast tubing last Thursday! Nate’s work planned a team outing to Mad River Mountain to go snow tubing. Unfortunately, not many of his coworkers could make the event. We’re so glad we could go.

There were ten chutes down a bumpy hill, and as we arrived at opening time, we were able to tube without waiting. The tubes were huge, but we were only allowed one person per tube. Thankfully for Judah, we were allowed to attach our tubes together as we went down the hill. As the paths got slicker, we had to go down as individuals. Courben was brave, and went down solo!

By the end of the night, we were all wiped out, but thankful for the conveyer belt we got to ride up the hill each time. We all decided this should be a yearly activity as we all walked away excited and worn out.

3 thoughts on “snow tubing

  1. Can I go along next time?  It sounds and looks like such good fun!  No fair that Courben gets to go solo already, but hooray for him that he was able to do so.                  Grandpa

    • Absolutely! We’d love to have people join us. It’s a bit pricey, but worth it at least once a winter.

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